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Total Loss Value

The insurance company’s offer after a vehicle, automobile, car, truck, tractor, trailer, RV, ATV and snowmobile is determined to be a total loss is often less than satisfactory. The law gives you the right to an independent appraisal. You, the insured, hire Auto Appraisal World to provide a valuation report of the fair market value. You then report who you have hired to the insurer. They have to hire a different appraiser who will contact us and we decide on a mutually agreed upon third party umpire. In the event that we cannot mutually reach an agreement of the subject property value, the umpire will have the final say. More often than not, we reach a value agreement.

Has your car, vehicle, automobile, truck, tractor, trailer, RV, ATV and snowmobile been declared a total loss? Do you need an appraisal to establish the pre-loss value of an automobile? Are you invoking the Appraisal Clause provision that is contained in your policy as you seek to settle your claim?

When trying to reach a fair value claim settlement with your insurance company or liable parties, it will be necessary to get an independent car appraisal. AAW's total loss auto appraisal research utilizes current market com parables to assist in determining the value of your auto prior to its loss. We consider your vehicle's unique characteristics and provide you with our professional findings by a certified auto appraiser. Let AAW assist you in reaching a fair claim settlement in a cost effective manner by obtaining a certified car appraisal. We will discuss estimate of your vehicle's value prior to the loss or call us today for more 800-621-1818

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